Refettorio Paris au Foyer de la Madeleine

Feeding body
and soul

Refettorio Paris is an inspiring community kitchen located in the crypt of the church of la Madeleine, in the heart of Paris.

It offers a welcoming dinnertime food service to people in situations of social vulnerability transforming surplus ingredients - that would otherwise be wasted - into delicious meals.

Refettorio Paris is not a charity project, it’s a cultural one.

By involving artists, architects and designers we want to create an engaging and inspiring space where people in situations of social vulnerability, as well as the whole community, can feel valued and welcome.

The cookbook symbolizes the conviviality, joy and compassion shared in our kitchen and around the table, offering a glimpse of the richness of adventure and creativity to transform imperfect ingredients into nourishment full of dignity, empathy and love. It's pages are filled with 37 inspiring zero waste recipes, revealing an art of cooking where a plate can shift disparities into social equities of inclusion.

You can get the book here

Guest chefs from Paris, France and around the world have been invited by chef Massimo Bottura to volunteer in the kitchen and transform surplus ingredients into healthy and delicious three-course meals served to guests at the table by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Refettorio Paris aims to serve 100 meals a day using about 130 kg of recovered food.

See list of chefs here

The Refettorio can be visited, but dinner service is strictly accessible to guests and scheduled volunteers.

Members of the public who want to be involved are welcome to get in touch.